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Sunset Kitchens is a local Moose Jaw remodel company focused on kitchens and bathrooms. With countless successful renovations under our belts, we're happy to have shared our innovative vision and unrivaled ability with so many of our peers.

Pure and simple, Sunset Kitchens is built on the idea that a high quality looks great not only today, but also tomorrow. Using great materials, top of the line fixtures and appliances, and a craftsmanship earned only through many years of practice, our creations will improve the way you experience your Moose Jaw kitchen or bathroom.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your Moose Jaw kitchen or bath remodel options, dial 306-694-1299 to speak to a Sunset Kitchens representative.

Value-Priced Kitchen And Bathroom Remodels – Dial 306-694-1299 To Talk To A Renovation Expert.

Offering competitively-priced kitchen and bathroom work, is the leading remodel service provider in the Moose Jaw area.


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